Loyal Minion - Savings Program

Loyal Minion is what we call our savings program here at The Geekery. It is subscription based. $30 for six months or $50 for a year. During your subscription period you get 15% off Games Workshop and Privateer Press Models, and 10% off the remainder of the store*.

Current Loyal Minions: Contact us using the customer support form, call us at 913-261-9694, or message us on faecbook at facebook.com/Geekery.Shawnee. We will send you instructions including your unique discount codes which can be used online. 

To signup purchase loyal minion status in store or online. The discount is good in store or online! To use your discount online, we will message you your unique discount code. 

*Certain exclusions apply

6 Month Loyal Minion
1 Year Loyal Minion